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"I lost 20kg in 3 months! After giving birth to my baby boy, my husband and I were the heaviest we have ever been and we struggled to perform even the smallest tasks as we would get tired easier. When we said enough is enough, Christina jumped in to help us out. Within 2 weeks, we started feeling better. It was easier for us to climb the stairs while carrying our kid and within 3 months I lost 20kg and my husband achieved his ideal weight. What’s more important is that we are living a life less without food drama and intense cravings. It is easier to plan for our meals during the week and we have become a food detective that will not touch food that contains sugar or widely used preservatives and emulsifiers. Having people telling us that we look better and how impressive our weight loss is is a bonus!"

- Georgia, Mother of a 2-year-old


"Christina helped me lose 18lb or 8kg in 2 months following her weight loss programme. Now I know how to keep them off. Her expertise, advice and supportive approach are second to none. Highly recommended!"

 - Laz, Marketing Director


"Christina is very inspiring and unique. I have enjoyed sessions with her and would thoroughly recommend her holistic / personal approach. She has helped me gain a good understanding of nutrition and how it links to many areas of my life."

 - Simon, Marketing Manager


"It is great working with Christina! From all sessions, was leaving with a smile on my face! She was always able to guide me through changing my diet and the way I see myself and my body."

- Areti, Sales Executive


"I really recommend a health consultation from Christina as she has helped me a lot so far. It might just been 1,5 month of consultation but the results are very satisfactory for me! I've lost 8kg in a month time as a result of following great advice which includes not only the nutrition but also advice for exercise and ways to reduce anxiety and gain quality sleep patterns. I am very excited that my weight and level of anxiety have been reduced rapidly, that I am not tempted to eat sugar. My self-confidence has increased - such a happy feeling! No more words to describe how my life and my mood has changed so far!!! A big thank you from me"

 - Maria, Nurse


"Before I met Christina, I have never thought much of my eating habits, and when I did, I would mostly rely on nutritional pieces of advice I found here and there on the internet. No wonder this was something that didn’t work and I wasn’t happy with. With Christina’s guidance, I discovered that having a balanced diet and eating healthier can be very enjoyable and not difficult and tortuous as I initially thought. Most importantly, the results of this way of eating were demonstrated on my annual health assessment, where all the prices were within normal ranges, something that really impressed the doctor as it doesn't happen very often! Christina really helped me build a more positive, healthier and happier relationship with food and I am sure it will do the same for others!"

- Gina, Marketing Database Specialist


"After my breakup, I wanted to make some changes in my life and the first one was to become fitter and defined. In a month's time following Christina's dietary advice and spending time in the gym with the appropriate exercises, I lost 5kg and already started having defined muscles. I feel lighter, have longer stamina when I do cardio, better brain function and more energy throughout the day. I highly recommend Christina, not just for the weight loss but also for creating a healthy and high-performance lifestyle. Most importantly, I have a greater respect for my body and know exactly how to eat to achieve my goals. I am really happy with the progress so far."

- Andreas A, Entrepreneur

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