In this article, I am sharing my minimal skincare routine and specifically my nighttime natural skincare routine, plus we will get a chance to win one of my favourite skincare products, a Revitalise Nutrient Organic Face Oil by La Coess.

At the end of 2020, beginning of 2021 I have adopted this minimal skincare routine just before bed. I have been loving my nighttime natural skincare routine that I am going to share with you in just a second because it is minimal, I use pure clean ingredients and it doesn’t take that much time to do. It keeps my skin looking young and healthy and I enjoy doing it.

I have a minimal and simple approach to most habits, things, routines in my life and so I do have a minimal and simple approach to my skincare as well and you probably will see that from my natural nighttime skincare routine.

However, I think it is important to stress a few things.

1. - I have never abused my skin by covering it with many products and I think that is one of the main reasons why my skin at (almost) 35 is looking youthful. I get a lot of people thinking that I am 25 or 27 but none of them thinks that I may be over the 30s when they meet me.

2. - I prioritize eating balanced meals in my day and always ensure to fill the gaps with supplements where and when necessary.


3. - I sleep 7 to 8 hours per night. We know now that sleep is more than important for our bodily’s functions, for our mind, and also for our skin so I always go to bed at the same time every evening or most evenings and I use blue light blocking glasses to protect my eyes and to help myself go easily to bed.

4. - I stretch and work on my posture on a regular basis. I learned very recently that our posture affects not only how our body physically looks but also our eyesight and our face structure. So, I ensure to include a few posture exercises and stretching exercises on a regular basis in my routine. I mention more about this in my video Healthy Habits 2021.

...and 5. - Although I may forget to drink water throughout the day, I always start my day with 500ml of water while I am taking my supplements. I need to ensure that I start my day on a good note. As we grow older we need to hydrate our bodies a lot more than we used to when we were teenagers or in our 20s.

I am mentioning the above because they significantly affect the quality of our skin...and then, obviously, the products we use on our skin that will end up in your body as they penetrate through our skin to our organs so it is very important to always keep an eye on what you put on your skin.

And now that we got some of the most important points out of the way, we can move to look into specifically my minimal skincare routine or my natural nighttime skincare routine. Whatever you want to call it :).

...and voila...what I tend to use:

  • DIY makeup remover, which I will tell you more just in a bit

  • A cotton pad

  • A pure face oil, I am using the Revitalise Nutrient Organic Face Oil

  • A crystal roller

  • Gua Sha facial tool

  • Lip balm

On a weekly basis, I am also using natural DIY face masks.

...but let’s dive into my daily all-natural nighttime skincare routine.

Step #1 - Remove any makeup or excess dirt from the face

I used to use Bioderma Sensibio H2O, I still have it but before I ran out of it, I started using a DIY makeup and excess dirt removal. My favorite one has just finished which was a mix of rose water and almond oil, basically 100ml of rosewater with 25ml of almond oil, the ratio is basically 4 parts of rosewater and 1 part of almond oil.

I use the same ratio for my current DIY makeup remover which is basically 4 parts of filtered water and 1 part of avocado oil. I wanted to give this a go but I feel that the combo of rosewater and almond oil was a bit better for me. So I will go back to it. The ratio is important to stick to otherwise, it will not clean your face that well. I would rather have a bit more oil than have less.

In any case, if you are not feeling like making your own makeup removal for your skincare routine, no worries Bioderma Sensibio H2O is more than a great solution.

...and let’s add some of our makeup removal liquid to a cotton pad and gently clean the face. I am generous in quantity because I want to leave my face a little dump before I add any other products, I do that for an additional level of hydration :)

Step #2 - Apply a high-quality organic face oil

Ok, so let’s talk a little bit about the oil that I am using on my face as part of my natural nighttime skincare routine.

First of all, it smells amazing! Revitalize Nutrient Organic Face Oil uses 15 organic potent ingredients, including avocado oil, carrot, jojoba, rosehip, grape seed oil, chia seed oil that complement nicely with each other, nourishing the skin with powerful antioxidants, revitalizing it, and bringing balance to it. It's also a vegan certified, Leaping Bunny cruelty-free, and USDA Organic Certified product. It has a silky smooth texture and is lightweight. I use little of it and it is enough for my face, neck, and chest. I feel my face a lot more radiant actually since I started using it. Fantastic product!

I start by adding a drop on one of my fingers and massaging it around my eyes and the temples. While I massage around my eyes, I also run it on my eyebrows and eyelids to benefit these parts of my face as well.

Then, I add three drops on my hands and lightly press on my face and massage it on my neck and chest. Then I go back to my face and lightly massage it. What a fantastic product! I cannot get over how great it smells.

...and I actually do not feel the need to apply anything the next day either.

Since my hands still contain some oil, I run them through the tips of my hair nourishing them without making them oily and greasy.

Step #3 - Face exercises

My next step as part of my natural nighttime skincare routine is a facial massage. It is a short one but I learned that even that helps a lot as this assists blood to flow through our face easier and we also exercise the face muscles which we tend to neglect and when muscles are exercised they are more firm and we look younger...even 10 years younger in some cases ;).

I start with a roller using the smaller side and rolling it in the middle of my forehead from the top of the nose and up, 10 times and also just above my eyebrows a few times. Then using the same side I roll it just under my eyes 10 times on each side. Then I turn to the bigger roller and roll it from the middle of my forehead to my neck on the left side and then on the right side again 10 times.

...and that is all with the roller…

Then I grab my gua sha and using my fingers as a hook I grab one side of my chin and with the other hand I massage the lower bones of my face, apologies I am not that familiar with the terminology but hopefully, you can see what I do and it makes sense to you. I do this 10 times on each side.

Then I create again a hook with my fingers and holding one side of my mouth, I massage the same side of my cheekbones for 10 times each side. I have two gua sha, I like the smaller ones for the gap it has and the bigger one as it covers more surface on the face. The latter was actually a gift with my oil face from La Coess.

...and for the final finish...I massage each part of my face and neck in a similar way that I did with the bigger side of the roller 5 times each side as I already did with my face roller but I love the feeling of gua sha as well ;) and I stay on the back of the neck a bit more.

Ok..don’t laugh but there is one more exercise for the lips that I do in order to bring more color to them and make them look puffier and that is holding my face like this, like in both of my palms and breathing out for 30 seconds. I know it looks funny but looks how quickly my lips get a nice color.

I finish off with a lip balm!

….and that’s it! Literally, that is all that I do.

Bonus Step - EXTRA Nighttime Skincare Routine

Now, this is one of my typical nighttime skincare routines, however, when I feel that my skin needs some more hydration because I spent too much time under the sun or I did not drink enough water I add a couple more layers of hydration, a facial serum that is probiotic-rich and night cream. I do not do this daily because when my skin does not need that much hydration, I wake up the next day and I can still feel the products on my face which I guess is a sign that I may have put too much of the products on my face.

...and that is my minimal skincare routine before bed, a natural nighttime skincare routine that contributes to my skin looking 10 years younger ;)

...ok so now...are you ready to get the details of the giveaway and upgrade your skincare routine?

Let’s do it!