Nettle Tea Health Benefits | How To Drink Nettle

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In this video, I sharing a few reasons you should consider drinking nettle tea. In one of my previous videos, I shared that if you suffer from gout, you should include nettle in your diet as it may help you relieve gout symptoms. However, even if you do not have gout, let me advise why you should consider it.

For those of you that are not familiar with nettle, it is the plant found in countryside that when you brush against it causes irritability. Stinging nettle can be found in various continents but I am more familiar with it from Greece. Today, I buy tea bags of nettle tea which i consume 5 times a week. I usually recommend drinking nettle to those that have high level of uric acid but also individuals that suffer from painful muscles and joints can benefit as well as those that want to treat eczema and urinary issues.

Drinking nettle tea does not have to be something you do to revert an issue, you can incorporate it in your diet to prevent some health issues, like osteoporosis. Consuming nettle on a regular basis increases bone density as calcium, magnesium and silica are some of the minerals that can be found in nettle and are necessary for bone health. It is also rich in vitamins C and D which help the absorption of calcium.

Either you exercise or not, you may want to incorporate this herb in your daily or weekly routine. If you already drink herbal tea, switch it with one you already consume or drink it five times a week as I do. If you are an avid coffee drinker, switching it with your afternoon tea may help you in multiple ways.

There are three different ways you can drink nettle tea that I am aware of. One of them is to buy the powdered format and mix it with milk or water as you would do with turmeric powder or matcha powder. I consume it in tea bag forms when I am in a hurry or I boil water with some leaves and drink the infused water. None of them is better or worse way, choose whatever suits your lifestyle.

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