How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Hey Wonderful, In this episode, we will be discussing how to start and have a happy and healthy lifestyle. When talking about a healthy lifestyle, most people focus on exercise and diet, while this is just a part of what a healthy, balanced and a happy life involves, there are a few more factors which we will mention in this episode. So let’s get into it - Factor 1 - Nutrition & Diet Let’s start with diet, haha. If you have been watching my videos, I am sure you know that I am a fervent supporter of real food, food you can spell and food that is made of ingredients you can find in nature. The cooking process itself is a healing and nurturing experience so I highly recommend eating more of the food that you cook yourself as you control the ingredients and the energy that goes into it. Factor 2 - Activity and Exercise Engaging yourself in some type of activity, no matter what it is, walking, hiking, going to the gym, is extremely important for the well-being of your body and your mind. Find what suits you best and ensure there is some type of movement in your life. Factor 3 - Relationships The type of people you surround yourself with as well as the type of relationships you have in your life determine the level of your happiness and get this...also your longevity. Yes! Based on research, it is proven that people that feel secured and supported in their relationships lead to a happy and long life. Factor 4 - Environment The environment that surrounds you is really important, it does make a difference if you live in an urban or rural area and it does make a difference how your home is, what you make of your home. What food and what type of behaviour is allowed, i.e. is it a home that nourishes your body and soul or is it a place that causes you additional stress? Create a place happy and healthy place and that is what will be reflected in you as well. Factor 5 - Career What do you spend doing most of your day? Is it something you are passionate about? If it is not, then can you find elements in your job that you enjoy doing? Can you do more of those? Are they enough to focus on, so you can enjoy your work? If you are unhappy in your job, sometimes the answer is not in finding a new one but in changing your perspective of the current one. We spend a significant amount of time at work, so make sure that environment serves you as well, otherwise, the balance is lost and you get all sorts of negative feelings from stress to hate which affect your mental and physical health. So, these were my 5 factors of how to achieve a happy and healthy life, diet, activity, relationships, environment and career.

I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

I am always grateful for you,


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