Leading a busy lifestyle can be overwhelming, so I understand if you need to be efficient with your time. So, here I am sharing my 5 tips on how to be efficient in your kitchen that will provide you the space and time you need to nourish your body.

Tip No.1 - Plan your meals ahead of time

Write down what you are planning to eat, when and where you are eating it, so you know when you need to cook or make some type of preparation. This will save you time and money but also lots of mental energy.

Tip No.2 - Clean and Cut Your Fresh Produce Before Storing Them

When you buy fresh produce such as vegetables and fruit, take some time to clean and cut them before storing them so they are easy to be accessed and consumed. You can store your items in clear containers so you see them when you open your fridge, if that is the place you are storing them. Thus you save time from constantly preparing them before the cooking process.

Tip No.3 - Keep the skin

The skin of vegetables and fruit contains the majority of nutrients. So, you do not need to constantly peel them. So wash your fresh produce and use it whole in your meals. Most of the time, I just wash my carrots before eating them or cooking them and I love the skin from potatoes, so I wash them very well and cooking potatoes with the skin.

Tip No.4 - Pre-soak legumes, grains and beans

Legumes, grains and beans need to be soaked for at least 8 hours. This helps remove anti-nutrients in these food items. Anti-nutrients prevent the absorption of nutrients from certain foods. Soaking also helps minimise the cooking process of legumes, grains and beans. So, before cooking these items leave them to soak overnight or while you are at work, so when you are ready to cook they are ready for you and serve your right.

Tip No.5 - Cook in batches

I tend to prepare three meals per person. This allows me to either eat all three in the same week or eat two of my servings and save one for the following week. I do it so often that there is a week I go without cooking at all because I always have a meal in my freezer.

These were my 5 tips on how you can save time in the kitchen!

I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

I am always grateful for you,


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