In this video and article, I will be sharing how to reduce visual clutter in your kitchen! Yes, we will be looking at ways you can have a decluttered kitchen and as a result a simplified life! These tips have worked for me and have made a massive difference in how I keep my kitchen organised in order to reduce clutter in my kitchen space. Guys, you have no idea how excited I am to share my kitchen decluttering tips as I am sure they will help you reduce clutter in your kitchen. I hadn’t paid much attention to visual clutter until very recently when I realised that by removing visual clutter and organising my kitchen space, some positive things started to happen in my life. In one of my previous videos, Healthy Habits To Start In 2021, I shared an experience that I had after organising my kitchen. I mentioned that although being super fit before the first lockdown, I got unmotivated to exercise and basically stopped the habit that I had worked so hard to build in my daily routine. I noticed that as soon as I had organised my kitchen, I started feeling like moving more my body and slowly got back to feeding my body with different types of activity. So you never know what will happen to you or what you will pick up after reducing visual clutter in your own space.

#1 - Throw away, give away and reduce anything you have in excess. Before you start organising, it is very important that you look at all the things you have in your kitchen, like cups, glasses, plates, forks, knives, get the point ;)...and decide how many you use and which ones you tend to reach out to and the ones that you do not use, give away or throw away. This is an important practice that you should go through, not only because it will create space in your kitchen, but also because it has a psychological meaning, where you let go of things, allowing space for...experience (I will stress). Without this step, it will be hard to reduce visual clutter in your kitchen. So, take a deep breath. Make a day’s worth of appointments in your calendar and go through all the things you have in your kitchen. We have been given lots of things when we first moved to our new place, so we went through them and decided to either exchange them, give them away or give them back if it was from our parents for example who will not take it personally or store them for later. The latter was done for excess cups or cutlery because we want to have additional ones when we have visitors. ...and please please please always remember to check expiring dates on your food items and throw away any that have expired. When I did that, I suddenly had a whole cupboard free so always check the expiry date on your food items. #2 - Have a place for each of your items I am not sure if you have heard this but I first heard it from reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Condo, that each item in your home, no matter how small or unimportant it is, should have a dedicated place. This way it will always go back to its place reducing significantly the visual clutter in your home but also in your kitchen. My advice is this, have a first thought of where your things will go but be open to that if needed, their place may change to fit your needs in a better way. I remember that I changed a couple of times the place of some of the items because they were too far from the place I would use them, so I made some changes to improve the home place of my kitchen items. So, keep that in mind as well.

#3 - Use containers where possible. I am not joking when I say that containers are your best friends when it comes to reducing clutter in your kitchen. I am using so many and I am looking to get more...hahaha I have big containers for my oils and the kitchen towels, smaller ones for my pulses, beans and legumes, my supplements and cleaning sponges. I use containers to store food which definitely make my cupboards look better and organised, reducing the clutter that different packages create. You actually do not have to buy empty bottles for example, you use the ones that come with food you purchase. After we consume the food in a glass bottle, I clean it and store it to use for a different purpose...a money and time saver ;) I want to get a couple more actually to organise the kitchen cleaning kit I have and also the ingredients that I use to create natural beauty products. #4 - Remove labels ….at least for products that will not bring you confusion as to what they are. A great example I have is this salt bottle.

It used to have a blue label and I just removed it and it made such a difference, don’t you think? The only advice I have is to add small labels if you can with expiry dates. Here is an example of a bottle where I put the name and the expiry date, to ensure to use these flakes by then or throw them if I do not and avoid poisoning myself or anyone that will eat them after the expiry date.

#5 - Have a cohesive color palette Imagine a kitchen with various colors green, blue, white, black, itself it can get overwhelming, bringing confusion to your brain and creating visual clutter. When possible and if possible have all items with the same or similar colors in your kitchen, or because most of the time it may not be that possible because you may already have containers or mugs with various colors, arrange them by coloror following the structure of a rainbow or in line which also helps as it looks more intentional.

#6 - Use additional shelves, or drawer dividers When we designed our kitchen, we requested extra shelves because very early on we realised that we will need them. Otherwise the limited number of shelves in our storing space would create clutter which we wanted to avoid. So, by adding extra shelves we reduced visual clutter in our kitchen and created extra storage space. Can you imagine for example this massive cupboard or this glass cupboard with only two shelves? What a waste it would be, right?

The good thing is that if you are renting or cannot get additional shelves that match the ones you have right now, you can always buy some from Amazon which will satisfy your needs. I have created a Kitchen Organisational Kit on my Amazon profile which you can check out in the description of this video if you are interested in the various options that can help you with visual clutter.

#7 - Clear countertop of anything unnecessary I used to have herbs on my countertop, a boiler and a toaster and suddenly the space to prepare vegetables or food in order to cook got super limited because I also had a coffee machine and a microwave. So, I had to make an executive decision and remove the herbs, the boiler and the toaster from the countertop at the end of every day or when not used. This way our kitchen started to look much more organised and the visual clutter was reduced. I am still looking for what I can do with the microwave as we did not plan for it when we designed the kitchen. Besides getting rid of it...hahaha…(which my fiance doesn’t want to do)...what do you think we can do better in order to reduce the clutter?

#8 - Keep kitchen sink clean and tidy One of the biggest headaches for us was caused by the sink because even when we did not have any plates or cutlery to wash, we had the dish soap, sponge, the counter towel that were on our countertop. While walking in IKEA, we found this small but effective sink organiser. It has worked for us for now so we are not in a hurry to change it until we can find something else. I am linking this in the description but also providing some alternatives as well for you to check. So definitely worth finding a sink organiser to reduce visual clutter in your kitchen. #9 - Clean countertop at the end of the everyday It takes literally 60 seconds for me at the end of every day to take my countertop towel and just go through the countertop with it. Thus when I go to bed, I am at ease that my kitchen is not only visually decluttered, it is super clean and does not attract unwanted visitors. #10 - Have a temp place for items that are not yours I am not sure how many of you have parents that no matter how old you are will always bring containers with delicious food. We are Greeks and as a result this is a frequent phenomenon. Obviously these containers do not belong to us, we do not have a place for them in our kitchen and need to be returned back to their owners. So, I advise that you have a dedicated space for those types of items. This space can be in your kitchen or in your hall. Our temp place for those types of items is in our hall because it is much easier for us to grab them on the way to their owners. So again you have a place even for random things that get in your house while avoiding visual clutter. These were my 10 top tips on how to avoid visual clutter in your kitchen.

What keeps your kitchen decluttered?




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