How to Prep your Skin for the Wedding Day, incl. Lifestyle Tips

In October I got married! So, prepping my skin for my wedding day was very important.

Organising a wedding is a very stressful period and it can take a toll on the people involved. During the organisational chaos, what helped me stay sane and at the same time healthy, ensuring that I would glow on the day was establishing a few non-negotiable habits. So, in this article I am sharing my simple daily & weekly routines that allowed me to prep my skin for my wedding day despite the heavy schedule.

Liquids for Wedding Day Skin Prep

As I shared in my healthy habits to start when you have limited time, the very first thing I committed to was to drink 500ml of water in the morning. I am very bad at keeping up with my daily water intake so for me to commit to that was realistic although only slightly challenging. So, as soon as I woke up, I measured 500ml and I would drink it by 12pm the latest.

At the end of the day, I would make one of my favourite herbal teas or nettle tea before bed which helps to increase water consumption and stay hydrated.

Diet for Glowing Skin on Wedding Day

When it came to food, I knew very well that if we focused on what we should exclude, we would never eat a healthy meal. Instead, our focus was on how to include healthy fats and vegetables in our meals.

In the morning we would usually eat an egg, fit in some vegetables and in times a lemon muffin. Other times, we would eat something quick but would be always mindful to include some time of a healthy fat and protein. When I was preparing a smoothie or a porridge I would add a couple of spoons of collagen protein. Protein in the meals ensures that you are full and eat less throughout the day while collagen is responsible for healthy joins and skin elasticity. As we age collagen production reduces and therefore supplementing with the right protein ensures a glowing skin, hair and nails!

Every week we would eat a couple of meals high in Omega 3s.

  • Wednesday lunches consisted of a big salad with colourful vegetables and sardines. This meal was so delicious that I really need to make a recipe and share.

  • Thursday lunches were dedicated to leftover salad with a bit of rice and salmon. Every Thursday we have a farmer's market on our street, so we would always go to grab fresh salmon slices.

Some of the herbs and spices that most of the time were part of my meals either fresh or cooked for their antibacterial & antioxidant properties were:

  • red onions

  • garlic

  • turmeric

  • cinnamon

  • and lemons for vitamin C which skin loves

Once or twice a week, we did indulge in pizza or kebabs, so we did not feel like we are restricting ourselves.

Having a bit of a structure, knowing what to eat when, allows you to be prepared in advance and takes out the guessing when you have limited time to even think about anything else.

I am not a massive snack person. So, I would rarely snack between the meals. If I needed to I would either snack on a piece of dark chocolate, a fruit or even a handful of walnuts.

Most days of the weeks, I would stop eating around 7pm and would eat again the next morning after 8.30am, reaping the benefits of intermitted fasting.

Supplements to Boost Skin Glow for your Wedding

When it came to supplements, I follow the guide that I shared on supplements to support your health and wellbeing. My go to supplements were and are:

Exercise for Skin Health

Sweating is not only good for the physical body including face skin but also mental health, which trust me during this stressful time needs a bit more attention.

However, since we are focusing on the skin, let's talk about it a bit more. Sweating removes toxins from the body, contributing to preserving the youthfulness of your skin. Exercise assists in circulating blood and oxygen through the body and heart muscles, thus nourishing your skin cells. So overall, exercising is an important part of making your skin glow naturally.

Now this was a tricky one for me to include after work as most days after work we had to run for errands, so being consistent with exercising in the afternoons was not possible. Instead, what I was doing is including 30min exercise either in the morning and it could be yoga, stretching or something more powerful or 20min exercise during my lunch break. The benefit of exercising at lunch was that I would be energised in the afternoon so I would stay productive at work and had enough energy to run for errands, all the while contributing to a glowing skin! Not bad at all!

In addition to physical exercise, I also do facial exercises. A few times a week, I will do massages or sculpting exercises just before bed as part of my nighttime natural skincare routine.

Clean Skincare Products for Healthy Glowing Skin

It is important for a bride to look beautiful and comfortable in her skin on her wedding day and it was for me too. My friends joke that I have a beautiful and youthful skin by nature and DNA, which may be true but truth is that I do not abuse my skin, I have never. By abusing I meaning using multiple make up products.

Besides the below list, my advice to you as an ex-bride to a new bride is that from today until the day of your wedding to use minimal to no make up. Trust me you will see such a massive difference, you will thank me!

So, my bridal skincare list includes cleansers, toners, serums, oils, face creams and body lotion/oil. These are the ones I have been using up until my wedding day.

Natural Skin Loving Cleansers