How To Cut Down On Caffeine

If you are struggling with caffeine, then this is a great video for you.

Caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system, and is consumed in large amounts on a daily basis by most of us. This video is for both people that are looking to cut down on caffeine as a result of health issues or a new lifestyle choice.

I was addicted to caffeinated drinks with my main source being coffee. I was consuming four to five coffee cups a day!!! Research has shown that drinking coffee in small amounts can be beneficial, however, four to five coffee cups a day were far from being healthy.

I decided to cut down on the amount of coffee I was consuming when I entered my health journey and with the tips I will share, I turned from a coffee addict to a someone that chooses to drink a cup of coffee now and again. Trust me, I enjoy coffee much more now than when I was drinking four of those a day.

Hopefully my experience will turn out to be helpful for you too.


Drink lemon with water first thing in the morning as frequently as you can. You do not have to drink it every day but three to four times a week would be perfect. I tend to drink half pint of water at room temperature with a quarter of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It takes a minute or less to make and it helps you to start on a good note. Doing something healthy and nourishing for your body will set you up on a good note and help you make more body loving and body nourishing decisions. Lemon water is known to aid your digestion system and support your immune system.

HERBAL TEA Herbal tea drinks were my alias in my journey of cutting down on my addiction to coffee. I could not stand green tea as it tasted a bit bitter but herbal tea such as chamomile, greek mountain tea and others would make me happy and I would feel cosy as I would with a cup of coffee. There are so many options that you can experiment and find the perfect solution for you to support on your own journey of quitting caffeine and coffee.


We are so lucky that turmeric latte, matcha latte, spirulina latte are a thing. They are a great alternative for people that love their latte or cappuccino. Don't get me wrong, they do not taste the same but they are great alternatives to your standard caffeinated drinks. Matcha has actually some caffeine but the type of caffeine it contains is different and does not make you anxious and agitated. It does though keep you alert which is what you really want and look for in a coffee cup. Turmeric latte or golden mylk latte is anti-inflammatory thus supporting your health in the long run. You are free to experiment and find out what type of an alternative would work for you now that you may be thinking coffee is not an option when cutting down on caffeine.


We think that coffee or some type of infused drink keeps us productive, full of energy but the truth is that water is what can keep us in a great functional state. Caffeinated drinks tend to dehydrate us and we see energy levels dropping throughout the day. Water, on the other hand, keeps up hydrated and we tend to function better. Research shows that by increasing a little bit of our water consumption, we can actually heal ourselves from disease and illnesses.


We can be harsh to ourselves when we first venture on a journey of quitting a habit such as cutting down on caffeine. However, any changes in our lives can be challenging, so allow yourselves the space to make mistakes, forgive and make the next decision nourishing for you and your body. Celebrate the smallest wins and pat yourself on the back because you are making progress and enjoy the journey that this decision of yours takes you. Quitting coffee or even cutting down on caffeine can be an easier journey, if you are kinder to yourself.

In summary, my 5 ways to quit caffeine easy are:

  • Start your day with water or water with lemon juice

  • Replace some for caffeinated drinks with herbal tea

  • Experiment with lattes made of spices

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day

  • Be kind to yourself

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