Holiday Gift Guide 2021: 92 thoughtful gift ideas to make someone's day!

I find holiday gift guides to be so inspirational. Even if I do not buy any of the suggested products, I will definitely be inspired by scrolling through the lists. So, hopefully my gift guide which I have split into 7 sections will inspire you too, making your gifting process so much easier and quicker, spreading joy to the recipients ;).

Wellness gifts for health lovers

Last year, besides getting an engagement ring for Christmas, I also got my now blue light blocking glasses. I love wearing them, I noticed that I get a lot less headaches even after too many hours in front of a screen. It was such an amazing gift for me so I definitely recommend that if your wellness lover friend, partner or family member does not own one, then they will love this gift.

My blue light blocking glasses are from Barner. They came in such a thoughtful and beautiful package. It was a brilliant gift. My now husband got so many brownie points for the gift. Obviously he knows the type of a health lover I am and prioritises treating me to wellness gifts and I am not complaining ;).

Another affordable wellness gift for a health lover is a smart watch. When you get a smart watch, I don't think you can ever go back to not having it. It becomes a motivator to walk more, reaching your daily goals or helping you monitor your heart rate or even be notified when someone calls. I have an Amazfit and my husband owns a Huwai GT and he LOVES it (it was my first gift to him for his birthday - success!).

The ideal clean beauty products

Recently, I wrote an article with the subject the ultimate guide for clean skincare products. In that article I mention my daily and nightly routines as well as the products that I am loving at the moment. So, if you are planning to gift to your other half or your loved one beauty products, then check my guide for some amazing inspirations.

Best gifts for coffee lovers

As much as I love my tea, I also love my coffee. I saw a poor over coffee maker on Instagram and on Friends series (yeap) and I just wanted it. I shared this desire with my husband and now I enjoy my, as I call it, posh coffee ;).

Another awesome gift we received and this is something that we got as a wedding gift actually is an espresso machine! YEAP! We have been eyeing De'Longhi's Deluxe Automatic Espresso Machine for a few months but with the wedding planning and the expenses that come with that we would always postponed buying it. So, when a couple of friends asked us what we really wanted and based on their budget, we asked for the espresso machine. This is one of the best we ever owned, so practical and easy to use.

For a high quality coffee, I recommend roasts from Lifeboost brand.

The perfect gifts for creative friends

Are you looking for a gift for a friend that is an artist or creative in general? Then I definitely recommend visiting ZenART Supplies store. ZenART was founded by an artist and provides the highest quality of art supplies affordably. Currently, they offer 22 different products. I own some amazing bullet journals and sketchbooks from this brand.

Inspirational gifts for the home

Shopping a gift for a home may be tricky at times. You need to know what the home resident likes and what their taste is. So, the simplest home gifts are the best way to go. Some of the gifts for the home can be:

Gifts for recreative hobbies

You may be aware that I create videos on Youtube, so the tools that I use in order to make it happen are listed in my photography Amazon list. You will find 8 different products, my camera and options for tripods and audio for recording.

The best gifts for bookworms

I am a bookworm, I love reading books and learning new things every day! So, non-fiction books are always a no fail for me, either as a gift to myself or a gift to others that enjoy reading non fictional books. This is in no way an exhaustive list of books I have enjoyed reading but definitely a place where you will find one of best gifts for a book lover! I am always updating this list, so although today you will find 42 different non fictional book titles, I am sure that if you visit it after 2021, you will find more.