Hey Wonderful, In this episode, I will be sharing with you 3 healthy snack ideas that you can take to work with you, and do stay with me until the end of this video to receive a quick and easy healthy snack guide. Snacks are usually foods we may put the least thought towards and thus end up grabbing usually something too sweet or too salty, especially in the afternoons to fight through the last hours of the working day. However, snacks are really important as they can either provide us the necessary nutrients and energy needed to keep us away from binging or can contribute to us making unhealthy choices for the rest of the day & night. We usually tend to snack two times a day, first time is usually around mid morning and second time is in the afternoons around 3.30/4pm. The snack ideas I am sharing can be alternate between the two times and are really easy and quick to prepare either from the night before or even grab from your health store or super market as a more nutritious option compared to something else. Green Smoothie So, my first recommendation is powering up on a smoothie. I know that a few people have a smoothie as their breakfast so if you are not one of them, I highly recommend snacking on a green smoothie which you can easily prepare from the night before and keep in the fridge or prepare on the day as it should not take more than 5mins. In this super green smoothie, you can mix kale or spinach or both, banana, ginger, flax seeds, cucumber and coconut water or water or you can add a nut milk such as almond milk or hazelnut milk. Simple, quick and delicious, plus filled with all the goodness you need to keep you going. Fresh vegetables with a dip My second recommendation is to prepare some celery, carrots, and/or cucumber sticks by cutting them lengthways. When snack time arrives just eat them in a homemade dip or even buy one from a health store or your local supermarket. There are so many dips such as hummus, beetroot hummus, baba ganoush, avocado dip and so on that can make your snack time super interesting. The only note I will add to this is to read the ingredient list of any dip you are buying, making sure there are no ingredients that you do not recognise or you feel should not be there. A handful of mixed nuts And my third recommendations is grabbing a handful of different nuts, as this is a great way of ensuring you consume the necessary healthy fats, vitamins and minerals for the day. Some of my favourite nuts include macadamia nuts, almonds which are great for the skin, hazelnuts, walnuts which are rich in vitamin E, folate (great for pregnant women), omega 3 and antioxidants. You can also incorporate in your mix cashews, brazil nuts and any other type you like, just make sure that they contain as less salt as possible. Consuming them without salt would be preferable. To summarise, as a healthy morning or afternoon snack you can either have a green smoothie, vegetables with a dip and a handful of nuts. In the comment section, do let me know which snack powers you up through the day. Feel free to grab my free Healthy Snack Guide for some delicious snack ideas.

I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

I am always grateful for you,


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