Healthy Alternatives to Coffee Creamer


This article is about healthy alternatives to a coffee creamer. In this article we are discussing delicious plant based coffee creamer alternatives, so you can enjoy a barista type of coffee at your own place.

I get it! Trust me, I know that even when you're home, you still want to enjoy a morning drink or an afternoon drink the way your favorite barista makes. I get it. One of my favorite morning rituals is actually making my favorite morning drink either it be a cappuccino or some type of latte and sitting under the

sun on my balcony just before I get into all the things that I need to do throughout the day. And because I value this moment because I love this ritual I wanted to make sure that also my morning drink served its purpose.

In this article, I'm going to show you the equipment/the tools that I'm using to make my creamers, also the type of milk that I'm using and finally I'll show you how to make some non-standard creamers.

A year so ago, I invested in an espresso machine which I'm using when I make my cappuccino. However, when I did not have one I used to use a blender in order to make my morning coffee. By the way what I'm going to share with you, does not apply only to coffee, it can be applied to other types of drinks like beetroot latte, matcha latte, golden milk or anything else you prefer to drink. This just works really well.

Now the reason I mentioned my espresso machine is that it does come with a frother so making creamers should have been a piece of cake, right? Well it wasn't for me. I never got the hang of using the frother. It releases warm water which may be the point but the result was far from the foam or the creamy milk texture that I'm used to seeing in my cup. It was just watery milk. Since this did not work for me, I started using an electric hand whisk and this has done wonders to my coffee-making skills. It's just elevated my skills, honestly, to the next level and I'm not sure what I would do without it.

My second equipment is a small pan so I call it or a Greek coffee maker/Turkish coffee maker you can find this in Eastern or oriental shops around the world. It keeps the whisking in one place and allows the creamer to form much quicker.

There is no doubt the cow milk makes a really good creamer for coffees or other drinks and the reason is the proportion of fats, protein and sugars in the milk.

The very first type of milk that I tried with my coffees was oat milk. Honestly, I loved it and I was obsessed with it for like a year or so. It makes a really good creamer. I actually have a video on my channel on how to make oat milk at home, if you're interested, as it is super easy and super cheap.

Oat milk makes a great creamer because of the content of carbohydrates that it contains. Just think of the whipped coffee that went viral these days. It's because it had to have sugar to create that texture that drove everyone crazy!

I used coconut milk as well but I find that the flavor is quite overpowering so it's not my first choice. I also find that it's very difficult to create or get that foam or that creamy texture. You have to mix it with something else like a different milk. Example coconut milk and almond milk or you have to add more fat to it like MCT oil or protein powder. It doesn't do well on its own. So you do have to have something else in order to create that creamy texture. It does better when used with a blender.

At the moment I'm using almond milk and this has been my favorite for the last two to three months. Most of the time I can just warm it slightly and whisk it and I am ready to enjoy my drink. I love the nutty flavor that it gives to the drink. However you need to be super careful how you treat almond milk because the nutty flavor can become overpowering if you warm it too much, taking the spotlight away from the coffee.

You probably noticed that when you go to coffee places and get almond cappuccino you will get it with sweetened almond milk. When I ask my barista why that is, he said because of the sugars in the milk. They help create that creamy textures which we mentioned before, but with an electric hand whisk you can create that creamy texture without the sugars so using the unsweetened almond milk.

Although you can enjoy it on its own, if you want to experiment with something different try these ones:

  • Warm your almond milk or basically any other nut milk you like and just before you start whisking add a teaspoon of MCT oil. This creamer is rich in flavor plus MCT oil is a great source of energy that fuels your brain and may reduce risk factors of heart disease, plus it promotes weight loss.

  • Another option is adding a teaspoon of protein powder. The texture gets thicker creating a top layer that is a bit more solid which you can also get on a teaspoon and into your mouth.

  • Last but not least, you can use either one type of milk, example almond milk or you can use two types of milk for example, almond milk and cashew milk or almond milk and coconut milk. Add either a teaspoon of vanilla extract or and this is my favorite, you can add the content of a vanilla pod. Shake shake shake and use this as your creamer, your Vanilla coffee creamer. Warm it for less than a minute whisk and there you go, your vanilla flavored drink.

These were my recommendation for healthy alternatives to your standard coffee creamers.

I really hope you enjoyed them

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