CHERRY SHEEP MILK YOGURT BREAKFAST RECIPE | Breakfast Recipe with Probiotic Yogurt

Do you do any meal prep?

This is one of the quickest way to prepare a simple, delicious and super satisfying breakfast. This is the latest loved one of mine! A sheep milk yogurt for breakfast is the greatest start to your day!

Sheep milk yogurt is rich in protein and healthy fat. It also contains probiotics and one is in its purest form.

100 grams of sheep milk yogurt contains 5,7grams of protein and 6,8grams of fat.


Servings: 2 - Prep Time: 5 mins



  • 300grams of sheep yogurt (contains protein, healthy fat and probiotics)

  • 2 tbsp of flax seeds (fiber)

  • 8 cherries (vitamins and flavour)

  • Optional: 2 tsp of pumpkin and sunflower seeds (fiber and more protein)


  1. Split the ingredients in half and put them in separate containers

  2. Mix them and enjoy!


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