20kg in 3 months is not an overstatement, this is the result that one of my clients actually saw within the first 3 months of working with me. Most of my clients lose between 4 and 6 kg in the first month but this client lost a little bit more and with minimum amount of exercise. YES! Minimum amount of exercise!

In February 2018, one of my closest friends called me up. She mentioned that she and her husband were seeing a nutritionist that they were not happy with. Immediately, I jumped on the opportunity and volunteered to help them despite them living in another country.

My friend was the heaviest she had ever been, she felt frustrated and unable to take care and play with her 1 year old properly. Her husband had also gained weight and they both felt uncomfortable. They decided that it was high time that they did something about their situation.

And no, I was not insulted that their first choice was another nutritionist. Not a lot of people know that you can be coached long distance. 50% of my clients are based in other cities and countries to me. She and her husband were a bit hesitant with the long distance approach but they put trust in me, which obviously paid off!

My friends are based in Greece and despite what you may think about the Mediterranean diet, nowadays it consists of lots of carbs and protein with salads usually limited to a traditional Greek salad during lunch. This couple was no exception and in addition, they also had a new member in their family born just over a year ago. The poor guy had trouble sleeping during the night which to me explained the cravings that my friend was having. She also mentioned that the demands of taking care of a kid allowed her little time to eat 5-6 meals a day which is widely recommended. Her husband had the same exact issue with the number of meals he was meant to eat due to work requirements.

It important to understand that we are different individuals and so one approach does not fit all. Our physical and emotional requirements are also different and what we choose to eat is also affected by our highest values. I rarely, probably, never start sessions without understanding the values of the people that I work with as it is easier to tap into them when necessary to motivate my clients to continue their journey of whatever they want to achieve in their life.

And you know what, most of the time, losing weight is never the underlying reason for a lifestyle change. It is usually to gain confidence to go for the job of your dreams or feel more attractive, be a role model for your children or just feel good about yourself and be happier and more fulfilled in life.

So let’s look into my top 3 tips for weight loss. You may not get the same results as my dear friend but you will see results. I promise!

Eating more Green Vegetables & Consuming Fiber-Rich Foods

Increasing the consumption of green leafy vegetables and in general green vegetables in our diet is very important. Most people don’t eat enough greens. Green vegetables contain iron, calcium, magnesium and various other minerals, as well as vitamins. They improve mood, make you feel full and provide you with more energy to help you boss through your day! We are fiber deficient, especially if you consume what we call, the standard American diet which consists of lots of refined carbs and sugars. Fiber regulates how the body uses sugar and also keeps you satisfied for a longer time. According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, we need at least 20-30 grams of fiber but most people consume only 15 grams which can result in causing various health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and constipation.

Eliminating Sugar & Processed Foods

Although my friends tended to prepare and cook most of their foods, they were still eating some sugary and processed foods in an amount significant enough to affect their physical and emotional state. As they were determined to change their lifestyle, they were happy (maybe not too happy but happy enough) to eliminate these two categories from their diet while working on their health goals.

Intermittent Fasting

There is so much research that shows the benefits of intermittent fasting on our body. I am not for or against any type of intermittent fasting. My minimum requirement is that you leave a space of 12 hours between your last meal which is usually your dinner and your first meal which is usually your breakfast. This should be more than enough for your body to perform other functions besides digestion. However, when you eat to true satiety, you tend to feel less hungry. In initial stages of working together, my friends would even ask me if it was ok to skip a meal, example breakfast as they did not feel hungry and could wait until 12 pm or 1 pm to have their first meal.

You do not have to implement all of the changes at once. You can make a change per week. By incorporating the changes slowly into your life, you have greater chances of making them part of your lifestyle, thus creating sustainable changes that serve you. For my friends, these changes meant becoming better parents and having the energy to play more with their kid, for me it meant becoming a better professional, more attractive and ask for what I deserved in life.

Before you start implementing the same changes into your life, I highly recommend that you understand your values, what is the most important in your life right now, what do you hold dear and how losing weight will help you become better at supporting that value. Don’t start making changes without having that in place first. You need to have a strong base and when you do, following the above recommendations and losing weight will be much easier.

I want you to succeed, so I have created a document that will help you determine your highest values and ways your weight loss will support them.

I would love to continue this conversation with you. If you would like to connect with like-minded people, then I highly recommend that you join my Facebook page called Health & Happiness for Life where members support each other and share tips. You can also grab my healthy snack guide or my guide on how to live a happy and long life, the links to which I have provided in the description and if you think there is someone you know that can benefit from this video/content, then do share it with them.

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