Hi Wonderful,

In this blog and video, I am sharing my cupboard essentials that have saved my life many many times, helping me stay on track with my health goals.

Herbal Teas

Let’s start with herbal teas. Everyone that knows me well, know that I have lots of different herbal teas at home. There is no shortage of them, trust me! I have even done a video sharing my favourite herbal teas. These are great to use as preventative medicine against inflammation and modern diseases.

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts & seeds have been great life saviours as I can rely on them whenever cravings kick in. Also, I use them regularly as part of my meals to up the consumption of healthy fats and to get satiated quicker and feel full for longer.

Olive oil

For the same exact reason I consume nuts and seeds, and because I was raised on olive oil, I always have olive oil to sprinkle on my salads and to bake my protein and veggies with it. As you know Mediterranean diet is super popular and is considered one of the healthiest of the modern times and olive oil is an integral part of that diet.


I am literally in love with tahini. I use it on my bread when I am in a hurry to leave the house as a breakfast or a snack. I mix it with olive oil and miso paste and use it as a sauce on my veggies, I add it as an ingredient in my chocolate bites, and I can go on but I think you get the point, right :).


Chickpeas are always in my cupboard for two reasons, they are delicious and I use them as my carb and protein source and because they are super easy to cook. I usually mix chickpeas with various veggies and in a few minutes I have a wholesome meal.


Beans are also there to save me when I am running low on whole grains. My favourite way of cooking beans is gigantes, this is one of traditional Greek dishes where you boil the beans for a few minutes and then bake them with tomato sauce and, if you are me, with lots of veggies including spinach and sweet potatoes.

Couscous and Quinoa

For me couscous and quinoa fall in the same category, mainly because I tend to cook them in the same way. I have either both or one of them in my cupboard. They have been a great way for me to make something super quickly to stay on track with my health goals.

So, to summarise, my cupboard essentials include herbal teas, nuts, olive oil, tahini, chickpeas, beans and couscous & quinoa.

What are your cupboard essentials?

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