Hi Wonderful,

Have you ever wondered how to thicken and improve the quality of your hair naturally? Then this is the right blog post for you.

My mum and I have been struggling for quite a long time with growing thicker hair. And trust me we have tried, especially my poor mum has tried so many methods, be it shampoos, hair masks or so many other hair treatment methods. Our hair type is thin hair that falls in big quantity until we discovered the methods I will share with you today. The solutions I will share with you work super fast, just in a week or two actually. You will notice your hair naturally getting thicker and growing faster.


The very first solution, something that both my mum and I swear by is applying aloe vera gel and massaging it on your scalp. Aloe vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. My mum uses it daily as a leave on conditioner which has allowed her to see results within just a week. Aloe vera promotes hair growth as it has a makeup similar to hair protein, thus rejuvenating the hair with its own nutrients, promoting elasticity and preventing breakage.

You can grow aloe vera easily at home and use the gel from the leaves or you can buy the juice or gel from a health store or from Amazon and E-bay.


I have also started consuming collagen protein powder with my tea and porridge for the last month and the reason is that collagen is present in our bodies, found in hair, bones, eyes, organs. It gives our skin and joints strength, mobility and elasticity and holds our cells and tissues together. As we grow the production of collagen slows causing weaker joints, loss of bone density, wrinkles, saggy skin as well as weaker nails and weaker hair. And so everyday I consume two tablespoons of collagen protein powder either adding one per a cup of tea or two in my porridge. Another way of consuming collagen is through bone broth, so if you are able to consume bone broth on a daily basis that is a great alternative to the collagen powder. Some people have reported that one of the main reason they have seen their hair thickening is the consumption of collagen.


I also use a natural mask which I apply to my hair a couple of hours before I wash my hair twice per week which consists of a tbsp of coconut oil, a tbsp of aloe vera and half of a lemon. I use aloe vera for all the benefits we mentioned. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that strengthen hair and make them shine, adding volume which I definitely have noticed since starting using this mask. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which strengthens hair follicles, thus strengthening hair, reducing hair fall. It also contains vitamin B, folic acid and minerals that volumise hair.

I tend to melt the coconut oil, I add the aloe vera juice or gel and the lemon juice and massage the mask on my hair, leaving it for a couple of hours on, so that my hair absorbs all the goodness from this mask.

These are all the things that have helped me strengthen and grow my hair. Additionally, I do recommend ensuring that you eat and sleep well, practicing downshifting as poor diet, poor sleep and stress contribute massively to great hair loss.

What are your tips on how to grow hair naturally and making them thicker?

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