Minimalism - Focusing on What is Important

Minimalism is quite a popular term nowadays. It is being discussed, watched and read. So, I decided to share with you what minimalism means to me.

I came across the term in 2016 and started looking into it further in 2017. When you have lots of stuff and you need to move houses, you end up doing your homework. When I was talking about the amount of stuff I owed, some people considered it normal that after 7.5 years I would accumulate so many things, some of which are rarely used and some of which are never used. However, there were other people that were surprised that a tiny person like me would have so many things and no, it did not matter how long I lived in the UK.

...this journey of trying to understand why on Earth I would have so many material things, lead me to learn more about minimalism. Now, I said, learn....and I am still a student of this idea. I still make mistakes, I stumble but doing my best to make a progress. So, if you would like to learn from the experts, then do check out The Minimalists.

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus define minimalism as a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfilment, and freedom.

Despite of what this involves, I actually love the idea of getting rid of destructions and focusing on what is meaningful. Sometimes, it is really hard to do that because a house or a room full of things is followed by a mind full of lists around how to manage these things. So, instead of directing our energy towards a place of creativity and happiness, we are directing it towards actions that we repeat around the house on a regular basis. This leaves little space for doing what really makes our soul sing.

I used to get frustrated that I had to spend my weekends running chores rather than enjoying them fully. Plus, I would get so tired at the weekends that I felt I needed another weekend to re-charge. Who's with me on this?

Minimalism is not so much about getting rid of stuff, as more of creating a space that serves us and not that we serve.

What in your environment does not serve you? What can you let go to make space for more creativity, time and joy in your life?

I hope this serves you,

Christina xx

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