NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS 101 | Should I take supplements? [VIDEO]

Hey Wonderful,

In this blog, we are talking about dietary supplements. Another great subject that has been requested by you.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are widely available nowadays and I hear frequently of cases where people are consuming a large amount and a variety of those.

So let’s look into it. Shall we?

I do tend to say and I do believe that we can get all the necessary nutrients from natural ingredients that are available to us from the nature. As long as we eat a variety of ingredients, we should not need a lot of supplements. However, if we have gaps in our diet, supplements can fill in those gaps.

Essentially, supplements should not replace your meals, they are very structured in what they provide to your body while natural foods are more versatile. What this means is that a vitamin C pill will provide your body with vitamin C, it doesn't matter if you need it or not, while an orange which is known for containing vitamin C and at the same time provides with a lot more goodness than vitamin C as it also contains vitamin A, thiamin, folate, calcium, and potassium. They also affect our health and well being in a way that pills do not. Example, we can not say that by consuming certain vitamins via pills we can protect our health from diabetes or cancer while with food we can do so.

Generally try and eat a variety of foods, and ask your doctor if you require supplements as some may have negative effects on your body.

Of course, there are some exceptions and that is why it would be ideal for you to speak to your doctor or health consultant first. Example of those exceptions may be people that live in places with fewer sunshine days, where vitamin D supplements may be required or vegans where it is advisable to consume vitamin B12 supplements. There are people with weak immune system or a potential disease / abnormality that will require supplements and again this should be done with a professional’s consultation. .

I hope you found this useful!

Always grateful,

Christina xx

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