Hey Wonderful,

I watched this Ted Talk How to stop screwing yourself over a few years ago and in a moment of enlightenment, I realised that I have to share this with you. I know that a few of you have made New Year's resolutions, so what's best than actually help you understand how you can do the changes. Mel Robbins in her talk is really captivating and she mentions that it is NOT OK to say "I'm fine!" if you are really not happy, because you are convincing yourself that you are fine while you are really not, you do nothing about it and life pass you by.

Did you know that the odds of each of us being born at the moment and time we were born to the parents we were born with the DNA structure that we have is...wait for it...1:400,000,000,000,000!?! So, why we are not amazing and just fine?

We are full of ideas and we are CONSTANTLY making decisions. What was your (yes you, whose odds are 1:400,000,000,000,000) very first decision you made this morning? Snooze your alarm? I will admit it. Mine was to snooze it and sleep in for 15 more minutes which ended up being 30. I am not perfect.

Mel says that we will NEVER feel like it. NEVER. The amount of force required to stand up from your laptop and go for a walk you are meant to go is the same amount of effort required to get yourself out of the bed. When we were kids, we had our parents telling us what to do, while now we are parenting ourselves and it is not easy most of the time. Anything new we incorporate in our lives will require force. According to Mel we should never listen to how we feel when it comes to what we want as we will never feel like it!

The secret is to marry with an action, a physical action, the impulse you have in the first 5 seconds. Example, if you saw someone dancing and your impulse was to go and dance, you should do it in the next 5 seconds or you will not do it because your brain will pull it's emergency break and will come up with millions excuses of why that is a bad idea. This also stands for when you wake up in the morning. Just get our of the bed in the first 5 seconds instead of snoozing the alarm and do the exercise you are meant to do. Otherwise we are just killing the ideas. Our problems are not ideas but the fact that we are killing the ideas, the fact we are not acting on them.

I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

Sending you good vibes,

Christina xxx

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