HOW TO SET GOALS AND ACHIEVE THEM - Simple steps to achieve goals in 2018

Hey Wonderful,

This is an incredible topic and although there are lots of advice already out there, I will let you in what helps me stick to my new year’s resolutions. I experimented with so many ways setting and following the process of achieving goals set for the new year. Most of those ways did not help me much but I learnt a lot from the process. So, now I have a way which may be helpful for you too.

The very first thing you need to know is that setting goals or resolutions should not be done just in the beginning of each year. Most of the time I feel like setting resolutions in January is setting us for a failure as we create goals because it is a custom. So, I set goals from 2 to 4 times a year at random time. Usually March time, summer time or autumn / beginning of winter. I am also not setting them for a whole year, 12 months, but for shorter time. I may have a bigger goal but will have a sub-goal that I can measure in shorter periods.

Example, I may want to experiment with incorporating plant-based milk in my diet. So, my goal will be for a month or two to replace dairy milk with plant based milk. After the two months I will evaluate how I feel and if that change was beneficial for me or not and if I want to continue with it.

I am also specific with my goals. Example, instead of saying I want to become healthier this year, I create a goal that says I will replace dairy milk with non dairy milk for the next two months. If that works, I may want to start experimenting with eating more kale or more plant based meals, limiting the amount of meat that I consume.

In this case the generic goal of becoming healthier this year, turns into something more manageable and specific and something you can evaluate relatively quickly to determine if you would like to continue with it.

Some people work best with having accountability partners and so you can get either a family member, a friend or even a professional to help you out in your journey. Sometimes we need to admit that we do not do everything well and professional help may be what we need achieve our goals.

So to summarise:

  1. I set up small, manageable and specific goals (aligned with a bigger objective)

  2. I evaluate them after a month or two, which gives me time to test them out

  3. I re-evaluate them and get them to the next level

  4. And if I need help, I admit it to myself and get either help from people close to me or a professional

I know the process sounds simple and it is. Honestly, I do not need anything else. I don’t need anything that is more complicated or lasts longer. This is more than enough. This process can be done for more than just one goal in multiple areas of your life. I find that this makes me a lot more productive than anything else I tried before.

I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

I am always grateful for you,

Christina xx

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