Hey Wonderful,

Let's talk about staying healthy during this festive season!

It’s the eating season! Sometimes I feel that this is how we should call it rather than holiday season (haha). Anyway, let’s dive into how you can stay healthy during this period.

Tip #1 - Start your meals with a glass of water

It sounds simple but trust me it will be your life saviour. There are a lot of times that we make less healthier choices because we are dehydrated. So, drink a glass or two of water before your meal and after 5 minutes have a look at the menu. You may find that a dish with lots of veggies will be much more attractive.

Tip #2 - Hydrate

Which brings me to my next tip which is stay hydrated throughout this period as much as possible by drinking water or infused water and herbal teas. Staying hydrated ensures that are less tempted to always have something chewing in your mouth and also that you make healthier choices.

Tip #3 - Keep the focus on fun, not food is not the only thing that is fun during the holiday season, so focus on activities, jokes, and spending some quality time with the people you are surrounded by.

Tip #4 - Keep on moving

We tend to drop all the good habits around movement that we build throughout the year this month. I know how it is and all the food and going out does not help much. So, I recommend continuing with the activity you used to have or if that is not possible, then change it slightly to fit your current requirements. Stretching or even walking more in your own home will be better than just sitting on a couch.

Top #5 - Breath

...and the simplest thing you can do to stay healthy during this seasonal period is just stop and take deep breaths for 5 to 10 minutes. You will find that you will become calmer and this will help you with your cravings and food choices.

I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

I am always grateful for you,

Christina xx

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