HEALTHY EATING FACTS | Busting Health Myths

Hey Wonderful,

Shall we will debunk 7 health myths this week? Let’s go…

Myth No.1 - You lose weight by skipping meals or eating less

I remember when I was younger, this is something that I would do all the time. I thought in order to be thin, i needed to eat less. This led me to skip meals but all i managed to do is to be super hungry and binge a day after or even hours later. So, this technique definitely does not work. This is just telling your body that there is not enough food available so the body goes into a stress mode which has the complete different impact. So, don’t eat less but cleverly. What this means is you just need to eat good quality fats, lots of veggies, drink water and just follow the wisdom that I share on this channel.

Myth No.2 - You need to burn more calories than what you consume

Are you suprised? Well, exactly! We have been conditioned to think that if we eat 2000 all it takes to maintain or lose weight is to burn it but exercising. That is a big misconception. It does not matter how many calories you consume. Trust me on that! What matters is the quality of the calories you consume. Your diet may consist of 1000 calories full of sugar and refined products and you can gain weight or it can consists of 2000 calories full of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, delicious fatty ingredients such as avocado and nuts and you will lose weight. So, today just stop counting calories and focus on the source of your food instead.

Myth No.3 - Fat makes you fat

Bullocks! Yes, Bu-llocks! Fat does not make you fat at all, it actually helps your metabolism speed up and work properly. Yes, that means it is ok to eat butter. We gain weight as a result of our lifestyle, i.e sedentary, not exercising enough and also the source of our calories such as refined food, and lots and lots of sugar. If you want to lose weight, a simple trick is to just increase your water consumption and cut down on sugar. It can be that simple.

Myth No.4 - You can catch up on missed sleep

That is also an erroneous assumption. Sleep is a means of rest and rejuvenation and the quality of it determines how our next day goes. If we sleep well, we are more productive and make better and wiser choices throughout the day. If we are tired, we make lots of mistakes and also tend to make less wiser choices. So, you can’t catch up on sleep as sleep is not an isolated action, it affects a significant part of your life.

Myth No.5 - The main source of calcium is dairy milk

When you hear calcium what comes to your mind? Yes, dairy milk and this is an influence of media, where dairy companies promote milk by focusing on one of its benefits which is building strong bones. They have done this cleverly for sure, but dairy milk is not the only source of calcium.

If you are dairy intolerant or vegan, you are not doomed :). If you are concerned with the amount of calcium you consume, then increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale and cabbage or fruit such as figs and oranges that can help you build and maintain strong bones. Also, incorporate white beans and nuts such as almonds or also fish such as sardines and pilchards.

You see how many more foods have calcium?

Myth No.6 - You need lots of protein to build and sustain muscles

This is one I get a lot. People think that that they need to eat much more protein that they actually do. So many people are getting super stressed about the amount they need to consume in order to bulk up which seems to be a great trend now. Obviously the amount of protein you need depends on your lifestyle, especially on how much exercise you are getting but you do not need much. Based on Reference Nutrient Intake, adults are advised to eat 0.75grams per kg, which means if you are 70kg or 11 stone, you need to eat 52.5grams of protein a day. That can easily be consumed by even vegetables.

Myth No.7 - There is one best diet to follow

I want to bust this myth. There is a best diet but it is not vegetarian, vegan or omnivore, it is a diet that your body responds best to. One man’s diet, may be detrimental for someone else. So, we need to listen to our bodies and give it what it needs and not what we think we instantly need such as sweets and refined foods but nutritious whole foods. I am a massive advocate of personalised nutrition. All diets work but most of them are not sustainable as they are not personalised to the individual. I encourage you to experiment and listen to your body's signals. The easiest way is to record what you eat and how you feel. This is how I usually start my sessions with my clients. It is important to determine what works and what does not for you so you can do more of what works.

I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

I am always grateful for you,

Christina xx

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