6 HEALTHY FOOD SWAPS | Healthy Eating Tips

Hey Wonderful,

For you looking to live a healthier life, I have 6 amazing kitchen swaps that will help in your journey.

When I started my journey, I felt overwhelmed. There was so much information on what we should eat but as I wanted to make this change sustainable, I decided to take baby steps and I will share with you today how I managed to do so.

1. Replace refined sugar with natural sugars

I am naturally drawn to anything sweet. Instead of cutting that out from my diet, I just changed the source of the sweetness. The very first thing I did, was to replace refined sugar with natural sweeteners such as maple syrup, honey, agave, dates and fruits. A lot of times it did mean that I had to say no foods such as cakes, cereals, commercial juices and prepare my own snacks or when buying from a grocery store spending more time searching for sweets without refined sugar. This way I did not feel that I was missing on anything. It also was harder to find sweet food without refined sugar but now you can find them everywhere. The market of naturally sweetened food has explored in the last couple of years.

2. Swap white grains with whole grains​

I also swapped all the white grains I had with whole grains which did not feel a big change at all. I started eating rye bread and brown rice while keeping whole grain or buckwheat flour in my kitchen cupboards, using them for baking.

3. Eat nutty snack with fruit rather than sugary snacks

This was a saviour for me. I couldn’t not wait to eat something sweet after lunch or two or three hours after lunch. You know the feeling :). So, I found super helpful stocking up on chocolate energy balls, or oat bars with dried fruit. Yummy!

4. Replace your afternoon coffee with herbal tea​

Replacing the afternoon coffee with herbal tea was such a game changer for me! I thought I could not function without coffee, honestly. I don’t think coffee is good or bad but I think that we can easily overdo it, reaching unhealthy levels. Herbal teas are great replacements as they have antioxidants and protect your digestive system.

5. Swap cereals with oatmeal​

Eating porridge in the morning is one of my favourite ways of starting my day and that is because it is filling and can be eaten with so many toppings that there is definitely a way for every one of us to enjoy it. It is also high in fiber and helps stabilizing blood sugar and assists with loss weight and loss management.

6. Experiment with other milk alternatives

My favourite swap was moving from dairy milk to a non-dairy milk such as oat milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk and coconut milk. My diet and my breakfast meals are so much more enriched. If you do not want to buy the ones commercially, you can make your own milk which will be super cheap especially if you are making an oat milk. Trust me on that. Just check my videos on how to make oat milk. You will be amazed.

What also helped me think less of food and enjoy life more was breathing and being present. Don’t spend time on the phone but put more effort to be with your friends and laugh.

I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

I am always grateful for you,


See you in the next episode.

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