HOW TO BUILD CONFIDENCE | How to Increase Self Esteem

Hey Wonderful, Have you heard or have you been given an advice which goes something like this: “Confidence is a choice. Choose to be confident and you will be”. This advice may be true but in the moment it is given, it means nothing, and it means nothing because it is not practical. It gives you nothing that will change your behaviour. If we look at the fundamental root of lack of confidence it is based around resource, and more specifically the perceived lack of resource, i.e. not enough opportunities, not enough people, not enough money, not enough time. Sound familiar? What if you knew that there are more than enough opportunities, people to meet, money to spend, time to have? We tend to focus on the LACK of resources, rather than the fact that there is enough of everything. A great example is a conversation I tend to have with my clients about time. When we start, most of them are stressed to fit as many things as possible in a day but then when I ask them what would they do in their 40s or 50s if they achieved everything in their 20s or 30s, they start re-thinking their daily tasks. The current lifespan is 70 or 80 years but for us in our 30s or 40s this may extend to 100. Trust me I want to have things to do for the next 70 years, so I won’t stress about achieving everything now and leave my 60 or 100-year-old self to achieve some. Know you have enough and that you have choices, you have a choice to spend the time with your friends, your family, to travel, to meet new people, to take up a hobby. As soon as you realise you have choices, then you become confident because if something does not work now, you can always try something else, SOMETHING will work SOMEDAY. ...and this brings me to my last point which is practice. Practice makes perfect ...and I will add builds confidence! Hopefully, now you are convinced that you have enough resources which means that there is room for lessons, so be ok to make mistakes and try new things because there is enough time, there are enough people, there are enough money, and there are enough opportunities. There are no failures in life only lessons. So, practice, practice and practice and you will become confident in any area you set your mind to. Remember, wonderful, confidence is a combination of three elements:

Confidence = Enough Resources + Choices + Practice

You got this! I hope this serves you. Thank you for making me a part of your day today.

I am always grateful for you,



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