How to Have Healthy Relationships

How to Have Healthy Relationships // Healthy Relationship Tips In this video, I am interviewing Dilara Tetik, a life and relationship coach, who is answering questions on relationships with ourselves and others and puts many things around the subject in an interesting perspective. Thank you for watching this interview with Dilara - After working over a decade in Financial services as an accountant in the city of London, Dilara Tetik now runs her own Life & Relationship Coaching business with the purpose to empower, inspire and transform lives. Her main focus areas are; Self Love, Self Awareness, Masculine&Feminine Energy and Conscious Relationships. Her mission is to help people to live more conscious and fulfilling lives. Get in touch with Dilara -

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Christina is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach whose purpose is to empower as many as possible to achieve their health goals so they can conquer and serve the world doing what their love.

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