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In this episode, I will be sharing tips and tricks on how to sleep better and improve your quality of sleep. In today’s world where our mind is constantly running a thousand miles per hour, where we are constantly bombarded with information, a world where we tend to be constantly stressed, sleeping seems to becoming more and more less of a priority and we are just restless. What is also worth noting is how much sleep disorders have increased. In the pharmacy, we now have a whole section dedicated to sleep aids. Is sleep linked to health? Absolutely it is! Sleep is vital for many reasons. First and foremost, sleep helps heal and repair of our body. Deprivation of sleep can increase our chances for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke among others. Sleep also promotes a better and more efficient function of your brain. You are more productive and you tend to do things much quicker when you had a great night’s sleep. You tend to be slower and have difficulty focusing when you are sleep deprived. Did you know that sleep helps in weight management. Research has shown that if you are sleep deprived, you have higher chances of gaining weight. This is because when we are sleep deprived, our satiety hormone reduces significantly. Low levels of this hormone means that our appetite and cravings increase. Have you noticed that on days you are sleep deprived, you feel constantly hungry? How to ensure you sleep well Tip No.1 - Disconnect from electronic devices In order to ensure you have a great night’s sleep, you need to ensure that for at least 30mins before you sleep, you have disconnected from any electronic devices. If you want to do something before bed, you can read a physical book instead. This is important because light promotes wakefulness and even the smallest light from our devices can contribute to us having a disturbed sleep, not to mention all the notifications received in your phone that can wake you up. Tip No.2 - Keep your bedroom dark and quiet For reasons just mentioned, it is highly important to keep the bedroom dark and quiet. This way you promote well being and good health. A sleep that is interrupted can cause many illness and health issues. True! So if you have thin curtains and that allows light get in easily, replace them with blackout ones. This has helped me sleep better and undisturbed. Tip No.3 - Limit beverage consumption before bed An uninterrupted sleep is very important for a good function of your body and brain. When you drink liquids just before going to bed, you will wake up later in the night to go to the bathroom thus interrupting your good night’s sleep. What we are trying to achieve is a full 6-8 hour sleep that will rejuvenate us and provide us with energy to face the rest of the day. Tip No.4 - Exercise regularly Exercise has been linked not only to better health but also to better sleep. So, incorporate a few minutes of aerobic exercise, or any other type of exercise in the day to improve your sleep cycle. Just be careful not to do any exercise too late, as it may overstimulate the body and as a consequence prevent you going to bed in time. These were my tips on how to sleep better. Thank you so much for watching. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up, comment on the section below, share it with your friends and do subscribe as I upload new content every week.

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