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Maximizing Growth and ROI: The ICE Framework for Prioritizing Your Marketing Initiatives

Updated: Feb 25

As a growth marketer or demand generation manager, it's essential to use effective tools that can help you prioritize your work and achieve maximum impact. With so many initiatives to choose from, it's crucial to identify the ones that will make the biggest difference and allocate resources accordingly. That's where the ICE framework comes in. In this article, we'll explore the ICE framework, its mechanics, and how it can be used to prioritize your marketing efforts. This tool has been instrumental in driving business growth, helping me achieve a revenue of 1.5M+.

What is an ICE framework?

An ICE framework is a prioritization tool that helps marketers determine which initiatives to focus on. ICE stands for Impact, Confidence, and Effort. The framework evaluates each initiative based on three criteria: the potential impact, the marketer's confidence in the initiative's success, and the effort required to implement it. Each criterion is assigned a score from 1-10, and the total score determines the initiative's priority.

How does the ICE framework work?

The ICE framework works by assigning a score to each initiative based on three criteria: impact, confidence, and effort. Here's how to use the framework:

  1. Impact: Assign a score from 1-10 to the potential impact of the initiative. How much will it move the needle for your business? Consider factors like revenue growth, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

  2. Confidence: Assign a score from 1-10 to your confidence in the initiative's success. How likely is it that the initiative will achieve the desired results? Consider factors like market research, data analysis, and previous experience.

  3. Effort: Assign a score from 1-10 (1 for the most difficult, 10 for the easiest) to the effort required to implement the initiative. How much time, money, and resources will it take to execute the initiative? Consider factors like team size, budget, and technical requirements.

  4. Calculate the total score: Add up the scores for impact, confidence, and effort. The total score will be a number between 3 and 30. The higher the score, the higher the priority.

ice framework - how to prioritise work

For example, let's say you have three initiatives you're considering:

Task / Initiative




Total Score

Launching a new marketing campaign





A/B testing your website's homepage





Creating a referral program