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This is an incredible health programme that has been designed to empower you with knowledge and tools while having fun in the process by experimenting with what works for you best. You will not just shed a few pounds, if necessary, but will also understand how to stay in form and gain energy and vitality...and who doesn’t want more of that these days?


A lot of the people that I work with are tired of feeling tired, having unstoppable cravings and having difficulty climbing the stairs. They are tired of being ill and being unable to focus on important areas of their lives. They feel that they have lost control of their life and want to get it back, creating a life of happiness and fulfillment.


I work with individuals that want to become more confident and go after a promotion or ask out a person they like or build their own businesses. They want to be able to wear the two-piece bikini and be happy with their bodies. They want to have more options when shopping clothes. They want to be healthier, have better-looking skin and radiant face. They want to get pregnant and be a role model for their kid(s). 


How will weight loss or learning how to eat for your body type help you achieve your goals? 


This is not another diet plan but more of a journey into understanding how your body works. So, don’t expect to count calories, eat small amount of meals and crave ‘unhealthy’ foods but do expect to feel sated, happy, full of energy and with more time in your hands to focus on what is important for you.


We spend a lot of time reading and evaluating research to make sure we offer the best solutions and best choices for you now and always.



We will mentor you through 12 one-to-one sessions over a period of 24 weeks respectively. On booking your programme, you will receive a nutrition questionnaire to be completed and returned for preliminary assessment. The initial consultation lasts for one hour and all follow-up sessions are 30-40 minutes.


The programme involves:

  • 12 one-to-one coaching and support

  • Exploring your primary (what feeds your soul) and secondary foods (what you feed your body)

  • Setting your personal goals

  • Experimenting with what works for you

  • Learning the principles of sustainable fat loss/muscle gain

  • Evaluating where you are in relation to your goals

  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations

  • Adjusting the programme at each session based on feedback

  • Assessing your toxin load and minimising it

  • Understanding how to shop effectively at a supermarket

  • Mastering meal preparation like a boss

  • Continuous learning, handouts with useful information and motivation


Each one of us has different requirements and some need longer than others support, as the support is not just restricted to diet but also lifestyle. Therefore, you will find two lengths of the programmes, one for 12 weeks and one for 24 weeks. The length is usually determined in the initial evaluation.


Your Investment:


The complete 24-week programme is priced only at £1,250.


The price does not include supplements and/or functional lab testing besides blood testing.


*Don’t worry if you are based too far away for a face-to-face appointment, I also offer telephone or Skype consultations. If you would like any further information on this programme, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.







"I lost 20kg in 3 months! After giving birth to my baby boy, my husband and I were the heaviest we have ever been and we struggled to perform even the smallest tasks as we would get tired easier. When we said enough is enough, Christina jumped in to help us out. Within 2 weeks, we started feeling better. It was easier for us to climb the stairs while carrying our kid and within 3 months I lost 20kg and my husband achieved his ideal weight. What’s more important is that we are living a life less without food drama and intense cravings. It is easier to plan for our meals during the week and we have become a food detective that will not touch food that contains sugar or widely used preservatives and emulsifiers. Having people telling us that we look better and how impressive our weight loss is is a bonus!"

- Georgia, Mother of a 2-year-old


"Christina helped me lose 18lb or 8kg in 2 months following her weight loss programme. Now I know how to keep them off. Her expertise, advice and supportive approach are second to none. Highly recommended!"

 - Laz, Marketing Director


"Christina is very inspiring and unique. I have enjoyed sessions with her and would thoroughly recommend her holistic / personal approach. She has helped me gain a good understanding of nutrition and how it links to many areas of my life."

 - Simon, Marketing Manager


"It is great working with Christina! From all sessions, was leaving with a smile on my face! She was always able to guide me through changing my diet and the way I see myself and my body."

- Areti, Sales Executive


"I really recommend a health consultation from Christina as she has helped me a lot so far. It might just been 1,5 month of consultation but the results are very satisfactory for me! I've lost 8kg in a month time as a result of following great advice which includes not only the nutrition but also advice for exercise and ways to reduce anxiety and gain quality sleep patterns. I am very excited that my weight and level of anxiety have been reduced rapidly, that I am not tempted to eat sugar. My self-confidence has increased - such a happy feeling! No more words to describe how my life and my mood has changed so far!!! A big thank you from me"

 - Maria, Nurse


24-week programme

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