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5 Ways B2B SAAS Companies Can Use YouTube Shorts to Drive Traffic to Long-Form Videos

Updated: Apr 12

drive traffic to long form videos with shorts | b2b saas

B2B SAAS companies can use YouTube Shorts effectively to drive traffic to their long videos on YouTube. YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows users to create short videos of up to 60 seconds. These short videos are ideal for grabbing viewers' attention and driving traffic to longer videos on YouTube.



Shakira's Example

Ways a B2B SaaS company can use YouTube Shorts effectively

Examples of other creators using YouTube Shorts

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Shakira's Example

But let's look into an example from a non B2B SaaS world first.

Shakira, a well-known Colombian singer and songwriter, successfully used YouTube Shorts to drive traffic to her music videos. One example of this is her song "Girl Like Me" with Black Eyed Peas.

Shakira created a short video on YouTube Shorts that showed her dancing to the song's beat. The video had eye-catching visuals, and the dance moves were easy to follow, making it an excellent way for fans to engage with the song.

shorts for longer video

The video's caption encouraged viewers to check out the full music video on her YouTube channel, where they could see the full dance routine and enjoy the song in its entirety.

By using YouTube Shorts, Shakira was able to create a fun and engaging preview of her music video that encouraged viewers to watch the full version. The short video gave fans a taste of what they could expect from the full video and piqued their interest, driving traffic to her longer-form content.

This example shows how B2B SAAS companies can learn from musicians like Shakira and use YouTube Shorts to create engaging and eye-catching videos that drive traffic to their longer-form content on YouTube.

Ways a B2B SaaS company can use YouTube Shorts effectively

Here are some ways that B2B SAAS companies can use YouTube Shorts effectively:

Create short teaser videos

B2B SAAS companies can create short teaser videos of their long-form content to promote it on YouTube Shorts. These teaser videos should be engaging and compelling enough to entice viewers to watch the longer video on YouTube.

Highlight key points

B2B SAAS companies can create short videos highlighting key points from their longer videos. These videos should provide a brief overview of the content covered in the longer video and encourage viewers to watch the full video on YouTube.